In this life, we're presented with about 75 years to accomplish whatever it is that drives our hearts to beat. For my heart, it's wandering as far as my feet will carry me, meeting as many people as possible, and sharing the stories of those two things through digital media. We'll see you out there.
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  • "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Just follow your heart, kid, and you can never go wrong." (at Island In The Sky, Canyonlands)

  • Most exciting hike and by far the best view so far: False Kiva. (at False Kiva, Canyonlands)

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  • The local Post Office in Cisco, UT. Coolest little ghost town around! (at Cisco, UT)

  • When I see things like this, I feel like I’m being submerged into some fantasy/sci-fi novel. Utah is almost too much awesome at one time. (at Arches National Park)

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  • Off We Go

    Day one. Here we are. I’ve literally been daydreaming of this day since I was 18. 

    And now I’m living that day dream. There are a few words I could use to describe how it feels; surreal, dreamlike, weird, crazy, exhilarating.  The word I’d say describes my feelings best is “relieved.”  We’ve been planning this trip as a reality for 6 or 7 months, and the entire time I had a huge doubt sitting at the base of my skull telling me there was no way it’d really happen. That something would arise, placing this road trip on hold for a 6th consecutive year.  After all, It’s all I’ve experienced.  Every summer, I begin to plan to take this journey, and every summer, I table it until “next year.” 

    But here I am, with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen or met, packing her car with three months worth of backpacking provisions.  And we’re leaving.  It makes me want to cry. But I can’t. I still feel like the slightest hint of excitement will cause the car to explode, or something else equally catastrophic and trip-ending.

    Things have fallen into place so perfectly.  It isn’t every day a 23 year old drops his entire life and pursues a dream on a shoestring budget with a girl he met less than a year ago, but again…here we are.

    It’s been a crazy week. The last few days have been a roller-coaster of emotion for us both. We’ve had to say some rough goodbyes, but those goodbyes needed to happen in order for the blessing of this trip to be received.  So as bittersweet as it tastes in our mouths, we gladly bid adieu to those we love, and head west on our first of many grand adventures.

    We’ll see you guys out there!

  • I’ve never seen so many different types/shapes/styles/colors of rock. This place is a geologist’s paradise. (at UTAH)

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  • "Cast your care on The Lord, and He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous fall."
    -Psalm 55:22 (at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands)

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  • The Delicacy of Arches. Shortly after this moment, we got slammed by a flash flood-bearing thunderstorm. (at Arches National Park)

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  • The Delicacy of Arches. Shortly after this moment, we got slammed by a flash flood-bearing thunderstorm. (at Arches National Park)

  • Tunnels are awesome. (at Colorado National Monument)

  • Vibrant waters and clear air. (at Hanging Lake & Spouting Rock)

  • The very first of so many amazing spots on this journey: Hanging Lake, located outside of Glenwood Springs, CO. Lovely area!

    #pursuelife (at Hanging Lake)

  • Gearing Up

    Hello everybody!

    Today marks the end of our lives in Alamosa, as well as the first half of our transition towards our life on the road.  We had to say some really difficult good-byes today, but will save the sharing of those moments until after we’ve said goodbye to everybody else here.  What we would like to share with you is  some of our new equipment! 

    Thanks to our backers on Kickstarter, we were able to make some pretty awesome (and expensive) purchases for the upcoming journey, and we received those items today when we arrived in Longmont. In case you can’t see from the photo, we’ll share what  we’ve newly acquired!

    • Carbon Fiber Manfrotto Tripod
    • Kenova K2 Slider
    • PowerAdd Solar Charger
    • SanDisk 64GB CF Card
    • Toaks Titanium pot
    • Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink
    • Kammok Roo (with Straps)
    • 2TB Hard Drive
    • ton (not literally though) of CampSuds
    • Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 EX
    • Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX
    • 75 feet of Moleskin (Long Story, feel free to ask)
    • Moleskine journals 
    • Sunscreen
    • Camp titanium Spork
    • Tri-Panhead tripod mount
    • iPhone Tripod Mount

    We were so excited to walk into Brandon’s dad’s house and have all these boxed items waiting for us. It was Christmas in July.  

    Tomorrow, we finish organizing and preparing ourselves for the greatest road trip ever.  We simply cannot wait.

    We’ll keep you posted!
    -Brandon and Stacey

  • It is done. Goodbye La Puente. ✌️

    #pursuelife (at La Puente)

  • Today is the last day @hopeandfeathers and I will live in Colorado. Starting tomorrow, we will be beginning our road trip project “Pursuing Life: Headed West.”

    It’s an 8,000+ mile road trip across the American West. We hope you’ll stick around and follow us on this journey.

    1 day remains. #pursuelife